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    If the musical ‘Cabaret’ gave us anything, it was the famous and oft-used following quote:

    “Money makes the world go round.”

    You won’t believe how true that is. It’s amazing that the economy of the world is made up of pieces of metal and paper notes. And we all need it. We all require money to live comfortably in a civilised world. Generally speaking, there are two types of people when it comes to money.

    Those who know how to use it properly. And those who do not.

    If you are worried that you’re spending habits are a little out of control. That your finances are a roadmap of pain and stress, then understand you are really not alone. It’s not just you.

    You can take control little by little until you are back in the black. There’s a million different things you can do to trim the fat and reduce costs. All you’ve got to do it show some restraint, a little common sense and some major willpower to see it through.

    Start At Home


    It makes sense. This is the place you spend most of your time. So it will be one of the first places to begin cutting costs. Reducing your household spending can be done in so many different ways it’s impossible to list them all. But to begin, why not consider doing the following:

    Food Sense

    Food Sense

    Stop eating out for lunch. Let’s say you are spending on average £4.00 per day on lunch. That’s 20 pounds per week. 100 pound per month. Invest in sandwiches, yogurts and fruit instead of eating at a cafe or buying from a deli every day. Get into a routine of buying what you need for the week on a Sunday and prepare it that evening. That way, you won’t want to waste it and you’ll be more inclined to take it in on Monday morning.

    Second Hand Is Just As Good

    Second Hand

    There’s nothing wrong with using websites like eBay or Amazon Marketplace to buy things for the home. Many items are in excellent condition and offered at a substantial discount compared to store bought.

    On the flip side, they are also excellent arenas to shift some of your unwanted items. Selling online gives you the ability to reach the people who want the things you don’t. Most major retail websites will allow you to sell second hand goods. It can provide a welcome smaller addition to your income.



    Here’s a quick tip: It’s good sense to use websites like moneysavingexpert.com to check out other little ways you can make your household money stretch even more over the month. With a little research, and a little sound judgement, you really can take control of your finances.

    Review Your Policies

    Review Your Policies

    If you are a long term customer with utilities provides or satellite/cable providers, then there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t ring them up from time to time, explain that you’re a loyal customer and ask what have they done for you lately. In many cases, they are quite willing to review your account and assess whether you can be paying less. It’s always worth asking.

    Compare The Market

    Compare The Market

    There are things you can do without. The extra shot in your Starbucks latte for example. But other things are still essential, even whilst trying to save money. Gas, electric, water and insurance are things you need, either practically or legally. If your existing providers are willing to give you a discount then it may be time to look elsewhere to trim costs.

    Check comparison sites like Money Supermarket to look for cheaper home or car insurance. For utilities, you might like to try sites like USwitch. The internet is a vast and helpful resource. Take advantage of it.

    Get News Faster And Cheaper. But Mainly Cheaper


    Buying a newspaper every day may not seem that much of a big deal in the grand scheme of things. But we’re cutting costs here people to make your finances much more manageable. You can still read the news. Sure, you can read on your phone or tablet. Which makes sense doesn’t it? After all, you carry these things around with you most of the time anyhow. And electronic copies of publications are cheaper to manufacture. Which means they are cheaper for you to purchase. Which saves you a little more money to add to the pot.

    Nobody is asking you to start making massive savings by squirreling large chunks of money away that you can’t simply can’t afford. But starting small with little things like these will eventually prepare you for the bigger things that you will learn to cut down on.

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