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    Retire in Style – Worlds Most Expensive Care Homes

    Everyone has to get old. No one can beat the clock. And depending on your health and lifestyle choices, there’s a good chance you’re going to spend your twilight years in a care home.

    Care homes provide a valuable function and can prove to be a saving grace if you are unable to take care of yourself. But like hotels, there are many types of care homes. Some are a little more exclusive than others.

    So if you’ve got the finances, you might want to consider spending your retirement years living at these places….

    Southgate Beaumont – London, UK

    Southgate Beaumont

    Located in North London, Southgate Beaumont is quite expensive, with a weekly cost approaching £800 and going as high as £1250 per week for single Nursing care. This is actually twice the national average for care home fees.

    However, your money will get you a stay in a stately home surrounded by 400 year old decorated ceilings and wonderful classic antique furniture. There’s even a beautiful fresco from the 1700s and the grounds are professionally landscaped.

    This level of finance means that it there is specialised care available too. This includes cancer, motor neurone disease and multiple sclerosis care.

    Maximum resident count: 50

    West Hall – Surrey, UK

    West Hall

    With a massive five acres of beautiful countryside, West Hall costs a whopping £1450 per week. However, you get plenty for the money you’re spending here. Costing £30 million pounds to develop, there’s the latest technology on offer, including advanced sensors in each of the 117 en-suite rooms which detect and alert staff if a resident has fallen and is not moving.

    The three buildings that make up the home are complemented by a listed manor house on the grounds, containing hair salon, library and private dining rooms. Parts are also colour coded to help residents with dementia remember living areas better.

    The industry standard is one carer to approximately 8-12 residents. Here, it is one carer to five, ensuring a higher level of interaction for each person.

    Maximum resident count: 117

    Vi – Palo Alto, USA

    Vi, Palo Alto

    Care home fees are quite expensive in the US. One of the most luxurious is located in sunny California. Vi is an exclusive community that has the very highest standards.

    With a focus on healthy living, Vi has it all; spa, salon, library services, along with outdoor dining areas and luxury hotel-style rooms. This care home community offers the best services in terms of assisted living.

    And so it should, because you will be paying a monthly fee of £2500 for a one-bedroom living area!

    Maximum resident count: Unknown

    West 86 – New York, USA

    West 86

    West 86 is very exclusive, but it’s located in one of the most culturally significant cities in the world. This makes it different from other care homes, which tend to have a less hectic feel as they generally are located in more rural areas. But West 86 wants you to get the most out of life it seems.

    Although it offers assisted living facilities, it chooses to focus on maintaining independence, offering exercise classes, restaurants and even movie theatre services.

    A studio apartment will cost around £3600.00 per month

    Maximum resident count : 148

    United States Fees

    Although you might not believe the high costs of some of these homes, the UK does have it lucky in some regards. Just look at the United States for example. Their least expensive state for care home fees is Kansas, which is approximately £100.00 per day, which isn’t so bad.

    However, the most expensive state for average monthly fees is Washington, D.C, where you’ll be expecting to pay £3,380. That equates to around £40,000 pounds per year.

    However, that’s nothing if you are living in Alaska and need to to live in a care home. Then you you will be expected to pay a staggering £440.00 daily. This is over £160,000 pounds per year.

    Care, it seems, does come with a hefty price in places.

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