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The Pension Cash Review Experts: Fast Pension Surrender!


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    Pension Surrender: Helping You Access Your Pension Funds Early, Get Cash Now!

    You might have some across the term “pension surrender” but be unsure what it means. Pension surrender is a phrase used to describe the act of accessing a possible cash lump sum from pension.

    • Surrender your pension – £1000’s CASH FAST! 
    • Cash in your pension Fast – Possible £1000’s
    • Cash in Your pension Today
    • Freeing up money to set up a new business
    • Clearing high-interest debts
    • Paying for a child’s wedding or house deposit
    • Funding a move abroad
    • Covering a redundancy
    • Paying for a university course


    At Sell Pension, we’re here to advise you about when pension surrender is something you should consider, and when other options may offer a better path.

    Why choose Sellpension.co.uk?

    • Expert advice
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    • No hidden fees or costs
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    What is pension surrender?

    If you are seeking a way to access a cash lump sum, pension surrender might be an option. This allows you to release substantial funds without having to take on expensive loans and credit agreements. However, taking money from your pension should not be embarked upon without careful consideration, as it can reduce the income you have available in retirement.

    At Sell Pension, our expert advisers have worked in the industry for a substantial length of time, enabling us to provide information about whether you are eligible, and when pension surrender is the right option for your circumstances.

    How does pension surrender work?

    If you choose to surrender your pension, you will usually be given the option to release a tax free cash sum, with the rest of the funds available as taxed income.

    Personal pensions and occupational schemes tend to differ with regards to the options available. In general, personal schemes offer a greater level of choice in comparison to their occupational counterparts.

    Why might you consider pension surrender?

    At Sell Pension, we’ve helped many people over the years to release the cash tied up in their pension to help with current day costs. You might need the money to pay for anything from starting a new business to paying off debt, or even necessary work to your home.

    Taking cash from your pension pot means you are not taking on the burden of debt, as this is your cash rather than borrowed money. Please note; pension surrender is only suitable if you meet specific criteria. We can help you to determine your eligibility.

    Whether you’re just looking for information about the options available or would to see whether you qualify for pension surrender, get in touch with Sell Pension. Our expert advisers are more than happy to help. Start by filling in the enquiry form on the right of the page.

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