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    Pension Investment: Be Smart With Your Retirement Fund

    When you’re considering pension investments, there are more options that you might think. Even if you’ve been paying into a scheme for many years, it makes good financial sense to regularly review your fund. As retirement gets closer you might need to change your strategy depending upon the level of risk.

    At Sell Pension, our pension experts are more than qualified to advise about the most effective way to invest your hard earned cash – ensuring you benefit from a comfortable retirement in the years to come.

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    What are your pension investment choices?

    You’ll have to make decisions about your pension investment if you take on a personal or stakeholder pension, or if your money is placed into a defined contribution scheme. You can choose from a number of different investment strategies or pick the provider’s “default” option, which means you don’t have to make this decision yourself.

    If you are investing into a defined-benefit scheme, generally your employer will make these choices. However, if you make additional contributions to this scheme, you’ll have to make some decisions about your cash.

    What options are available?

    When you choose a pension your provider will offer a plan, featuring a range of different places where your money will be invested. Experts employed by the provider will handle all the specific details, such as which assets (shares, bonds, etc) your money will be invested in.

    Your decision will usually come down to two options: an investment fund that specialises in specific assets, or a fund which offers investment in a variety of places. In terms of risk management, the latter is generally considered the safest option.

    Managing your pension investment

    Over the years, you might reassess your pension investment, especially as you near retirement when it is wise to minimise risk. You might not be aware that there are pension plans that will do this for you.

    At Sell Pension, our experts are more than happy to advise you on your investment, whether you have a self-invested personal pension, a lifestyle fund or a target date fund. Rest assured, we have worked in the industry for many years and are experts in the field; so let us take away the stress of the decision-making process, offering the plain-English approach to pensions investments.

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