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    I wanted to release my pension because I had debt and needed to move house. Good helping hand from sell pension.

    – Jane Fleet, Norwich

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    Pension Forecast: How Well Is Your Pension Performing?

    You might have heard in the news about pension schemes that aren’t performing as well as investors had hoped. This has led to thousands of individuals questioning the value of their income for the future.

    If you’re concerned about what return you’ll get on your lifelong investment, simply speak to the team at Sell Pension. We provide a pension forecast service that may help you plan for a healthier financial future.

    Why Choose Sellpension.co.uk?

    • Free expert advice
    • Professional pension forecast services
    • Potential to release £1000s cash from your pension – you need to be 55+
    • No fees or hidden costs
    • 100% confidential service

    At Sell Pension we provide expert advice in an industry that can so often be littered with financial jargon that’s difficult to comprehend. We’re part of a network of expert advisers who are here to enlighten you regarding how your pension is performing, in easy-to-understand plain English.

    Does age matter?

    Pension release is only an option when you reach your 55th birthday. You must be 55 or over. However, if you are younger than this there may be other services available to you that ensure you get the most from your pension and other investments. Our advisers can assess you options depending on your unique circumstances.

    Why is a Pension Forecast Important?

    All too often, people pay into a pension month on month and never question their investment again. However, like savings of any kind, pensions may not achieve the goals you had hoped due to fluctuations in the economy.

    If yours is one of the hundreds of thousands of pensions out there which isn’t performing well, it is a good idea to find out now, as there may be other options available to improve your investment.

    The SellPension.co.uk Forecast Service

    The Sell Pension forecast service allows you to take stock of your finances, giving you the opportunity to learn what your monthly income will likely be once you reach the age of retirement. We can help you determine whether you’re paying over the odds for pensions fees and charges, and find out whether your investment could be moved to a better-performing scheme.

    Our pension forecast service allows you to analyse:

    • How your pension is performing
    • What your final pension income is likely to be
    • Whether money could be better invested elsewhere
    • What other pensions options are out there
    • Whether you can release cash now
    • What the best annuities are if you are close to retirement

    Whether you are starting out on your pension journey, or hoping to retire in the near future, a pension forecast can help you work out whether you’re on the right track.

    A pension forecast from Sell Pension comes with no obligation and costs nothing – there are no hidden fees and charges. We’re here to advise and guide you on how you can make the most out of your finances – both now and in the future. Simply fill in the form at the top of the page and our

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