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Making investments to boost your nest egg – Infographic

At Sell Pension, we’ve found that more people are gaining early access to a sizeable chunk of their

pension pot in order to put money into potentially high-yield investments.

You don’t have to be a London stockbroker with an in-depth understanding of the FTSE 100 to make

money from investments. That said, it’s certainly not wise to gamble a substantial portion of your

life savings on something that you know very little about.

We’ve taken a look at some potential investment options, which might give you some inspiration.

Again, it’s important to stress that this is just a fun, yet insightful guide for beginners and remember

that all investments carry an element of risk.

In the same way that you wouldn’t cash in your pension without first weighing up the pros and

cons and seeking expert advice, you wouldn’t pour money into an investment opportunity without

thorough preparation, so be careful!

Sell Pension Investment Infographic

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