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    Lump Sum Pension: Release The Cash Built Up In Your Pension

    Are you looking for a quick cash injection from tied up funds? A lump sum pension withdrawal could be the answer to covering unplanned expenses or paying for the lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

    A dream holiday, start-up costs for your own business, a new home abroad; it could all be yours by accessing the funds you’ve saved in your pension plan.

    Whilst drawing out your pension all at once may seem daunting, after your withdrawal you have the chance to grow your savings and invest them into worthwhile exploits. Taking into consideration all of the potential unexpected expenses that occur on the way to retirement, taking a lump sum out of your pension could actually assist you in budgeting for upfront costs such as deposits on a new place of residence.

    You might also wish to pour some of your money into higher-yield investments, making your money work much harder for you.

    Why lump sum pension withdrawals shouldn’t be made on a whim

    Taking out a lump sum pension is a big decision that you’re not likely to make without plenty of deliberation. The Money Advice Service has some advice for those considering this option and we also operate free, no obligation advice lines for those wishing for more information on how to make their pension work for them. You’ll be in safe hands with our pension experts and your information will be kept completely confidential.

    A lump sum pension is often thought of as a tax-efficient method of budgeting your retirement income. Your first choice of investment isn’t always the best and we’re here to ensure you’re getting the most for your money, giving you the chance to lay back and relax during your retirement.

    We’ve helped thousands of people like you reclaim their funds and seize the potential locked in their pension.

    Contact us today for free advice on the process that could provide you with a tidy sum of cash for you to take control of.

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