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    Is Your Pension Fund Growing To Meet Your Needs?

    Review Your Pension Now to Avoid Surprises Later

    Most of us spend years ploughing money into our pension funds without really knowing what is waiting at the end of the tunnel. Now is the time to find out.

    Tax, national insurance contribution, pension contribution. Line items that are familiar to all of us on our monthly payslips, and things to which you probably pay little attention, but consider as necessary evils, despite their constant erosion of your take home pay.

    If you think about them at all, you might comfort yourself with the knowledge that at least that pension contribution will pay dividends by providing you with a regular income, when the time comes to hang up your boots and retire.

    Given the high profile media stories that have been circulating over recent months, this might be a very dangerous assumption to make. Companies as big as Tesco, Royal Mail and Marks & Spencer have taken it in turn to announce eye watering pension deficits, leading one spokesman to conclude that traditional pension models are no longer viable in the 21st century.

    It is not all bad news, however. Retirees and those approaching retirement age now have far greater freedom than previous generations when it comes to managing their pension funds. So why not take advantage of a free pension review right now, and take action to ensure your retirement income is all that you hope it will be.

    Pension review

    By having an independent financial expert review your pension arrangements, you can be confident that your money is working as hard as possible for the best possible financial outcome when you retire.

    The review will take a look at your current financial circumstances, the amount you have saved, the sums you are adding to it, and the way it is currently invested. They will be able to advise on the likely yield on retirement, and also put forward some alternative suggestions that could make your money work harder.

    Your personal information is kept completely confidential, and whatever your circumstances and plans for your money might be, you can rely on absolute discretion.

    Alternative options

    Your pension review will probably open up a world of alternative opportunities that you never knew existed. The 2015 pension reforms make it far easier to unlock some or all of your pension, meaning that if your fund is not performing well, you can simply withdraw the money and reinvest it elsewhere.

    Alternative, high-yield investments, buy-to-let property or simply paying off high-interest debts with funds that were generating far lower rates of return. These are just three examples of the way your money can be put to better use than just being left sitting in a poorly performing pension fund.

    Nothing can be worse than reaching retirement age and then thinking about what could have been. Arrange your free pension review today, and make your money work harder for the happy and prosperous retirement that you have worked so hard for.

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