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    Is It Right For Me?

    In accordance with the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000, we do not provide any financial advice. We are simply a lead generation website that puts you in touch with a  pension review expert.

    We DO NOT sell your information or data to any 3rd party companies, you will only ever get 1 call from us and NOT from multiply companies!

    By contacting us and filling in the form you have opted in to receive a phone or email.

    Does age matter?

    Pension release is only an option when you reach your 55th birthday. You must be 55 or over. However, if you are younger than this there may be other services available to you that ensure you get the most from your pension and other investments. Our advisers can assess you options depending on your unique circumstances.

    Selling your pension, choosing pension release, cashing in, or unlocking your pension will almost certainly mean you’ll have less income in retirement. Because of the reduced level of future income, pension unlocking is usually only suitable for a very limited number of people and circumstances.

    Therefore it is imperative that all other options are investigated fully, before you consider unlocking your pension.

    Many people seek to unlock their pensions because of financial pressures, but other avenues that can be explored include:

    1. Talking to your creditors
    2. Consolidation loans/cheaper credit
    3. Debt counselling
    4. Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA)
    5. Bankruptcy
    6. Raising other funds

    Sellpension.co.uk offers a free service whereby we will introduce you to a pension review expert. The adviser will speak to you about your pension, but it is your responsibility to consider the implications if this is something you would like to do.

    Think very carefully! For further information, read our code of practice page.

    Pension Release: The Dangers

    1. There may be penalties for releasing your pension early
    2. You could incur losses for taking it early (e.g. market value reductions)
    3. You could lose guaranteed benefits
    4. You may lose a future guaranteed income
    5. Any income could be taxed
    6. There could be loss of benefits for your partner and/or children
    7. You may lose benefits in the event of ill health
    8. Taking money out of your pension could mean that you cannot claim some state benefits, either now or in the future
    9. There are costs incurred with unlocking a pension (however, please note Sell Pension will not charge you anything whatsoever, we simply put you in touch with pension review experts)
    10. Pensions are usually safe from creditors in the event of bankruptcy – cash in the bank is not

    Thank you for reading. We hope this information has been helpful. For details please contact us using the form on the right.

    In accordance with the financial services and markets act 2000, Sell Pension do not provide any financial advice on any products offered. Sell Pension is not authorised by the financial conduct authority. Sell Pension is an introducer to various companies who offer products here in the U.K. Sell Pension recommends you seek independent financial advice if you require any clarification on any product offered.

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