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    How You Can Sell Any Pension For Cash Under 55

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    How You Can Sell any pension Under 55?

    Did you know that there many thousands of people in the UK that are now selling thier pensions because of debt or other financial reasons. Our research shows that a lot of our of people are selling their pensions or simply cashing in their pensions to release £1000s . So how does it work and can you also sell your pension?

    More information about how and when you can sell your pension here – SELL MY PENSION FOR CASH

    Can YOU Sell Your Pension For cash Under 55?

    Well the short answer would be YES! But lets dive in further to look at what it takes to sell your pension and get cash paid into your bank account. Firstly you must meet the following pointers in order to release cash, cashing in your pension or sell your pension, these pointers include:

    ➡️ Having a UK Private pension or Personal Pension

    ➡️ Have a Pension Pot That is at least £25,000 or more

    ➡️ You are UK based

    ➡️ You are willing to Speak To our SELL PENSION Team to go through this in more depth

    Would Love The Idea Of Having £1000s Cash Paid Into Your Bank by simply selling your pension?

    Who would not love to have £1000s CASH paid into their banks by simply selling a pension pot that they do not really care about?! We already know that most people would love it! There over 5 billion pounds of pension values in the UK and following our research we would estimate about a third or 33% of this 5 billion have tried to cash in their pension at least 2 or 3 times. That is a staggering number of people that are trying to release some level of cash from their pensions. The reasons why people want to access their cash early is based on a varity of reasons. Below we dive into more details about why people release their pension cash and why 33% of people want their pension money early and before the age of 55

    What is the most popular reasons people SELL or CASH in their pension under 55?

    Listed below is the most popular reasons in order as to why people sell their pensions:

    1️⃣ Have lost their jobs and recently been made redundant

    2️⃣ Pay off debt

    3️⃣ Pay off mortgages, bills or other household bills

    4️⃣ Start a business

    5️⃣ Pay for a wedding

    6️⃣ Pay for a holiday

    7️⃣ Pay for a car

    What you should consider if you want to sell your pension under 55?

    Before looking into the idea of accessing your pension cash you should ask yourself; ‘is there any other options that I can explore to help me boost my bank account and receive some sort of cash payment? For example have you got a ISA or a savings account that you could access if you need cash? Could you get a higher paid job that will give you some more cash each year? if the answer is NO to these questions and you have a pension already that you are not doing anything with then it makes complete sense to sell or cash in that pension.

    For more information about pensions in general or if you would like to know more about your pension you can contact the pension regulator which is a UK government pension organisation.  https://www.thepensionsregulator.gov.uk/

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