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    Healthy Habits For Healthy Pensioners




    Exercise. It’s a word that can inspire or it can cause feelings of dread and foreboding. Of course, this all depends on how you look at it. However, as time goes on, we come to realise that we can’t just eat what we want and expect to slip into our size 32 jeans or size 8 dress.


    Staying Healthy

    It doesn’t work like that. Like a car, the body needs to be kept healthy if we want it to get on down the road. When you reach retirement age, the need to keep healthy is essential because things get more and more difficult. We become more susceptible to disease and injury. Our body becomes weaker and we have to work harder to keep them fit and healthy.

    As a pensioner, staying healthy is vital if you plan to lead a productive and full live post-retirement. Here are a few ideas that most elderly people can do which can keep them active on a daily basis.



    Walking is pretty much the easiest way to exercise. Everyone walks, so it’s just a matter of putting it into practice a bit more. It’s a low activity method of keeping healthy, and the benefits are numerous.

    Regular walking has been shown to actively reduce risk of high blood pressure, diabetes and hypertension; all issues that can become prevalent in later years.

    The other benefit of walking is that it’s the perfect social activity. It’s ideal to do this with friends and family. It leaves plenty of time to talk and interact. Plus, it’s absolutely free to do. There’s no downside to walking in the slightest. Just make sure you’ve got a comfortable pair of shoes!



    Swimming is a low-impact exercise that is perfect for all walks of life. Whilst it requires more strenuous participation, the long term benefits are brilliant. Swimming once or twice a week can improve endurance, muscle strength and overall cardio fitness.

    The great thing about swimming is that it requires almost all of the body, which means that you get an all-over workout that can aid balance, coordination and posture.

    There are other advantages to swimming beyond the obvious health ones too. For a start, it’s the perfect place to relax and enjoy a little quiet time, which in turn can reduce stress levels. And who needs stress at 65 years old?

    Although most swimming pools will charge to use, there are always reductions for senior citizens, which makes swimming a low cost habit to maintain. It’s also a great place to cool off on those warm summer days!

    Also, there is very little chance of a shark attack in a swimming pool.

    Exercise ball

    Exercise Ball

    Not all pensioners have the luxury of being so active. If mobility is an issue then an exercise ball provides a nice compromise. The health benefits of an exercise ball are great; you can improve balance as your core muscles get a light workout. This works without putting major strain on bones or joints.

    Socially, these are a great thing to do as a group, similar to Spin Class or Pilates. Additionally, you are only paying for the cost of a ball. After that, you can exercise to your heart’s content.

    You can even watch a bit of telly at the same time.

    Nintendo Wii

    Nintendo Wii

    The unique method of using this games console means it offers pensioners a great form of exercise. Control is based on movement and there are many games and exercise settings which can be adjusted for levels of health and mobility.

    For example, using the Wii Fit exercise board is perfect for physiotherapy rehabilitation. Many health clubs utilise them and pensioners can find their health and posture improving through prolonged use.

    Socially, they are designed to be played with others. This means it is a perfect way to interact with the family. There’s no reason why you cannot play Wii with the grandchildren; exercise and fun at the same time! Although the initial cost may prove expensive (over £100 at this time), it really is a worthwhile investment for the health and social advantages.

    Dieting the right way

    Remember, exercise should be done in combination with a healthy diet as well. What you put into your body at this stage in life can have drastic effects on life expectancy. Just keeping a common sense balance of nutritious products on a regular basis is all it takes.

    It really does not have to be difficult. In fact, this pensioner has been doing for years. She is currently 100 years old and credits this to a good diet and exercise! Remember, if she can do it, what’s stopping you?

    Outdoor Exercise

    Go for the burn! But remember to keep it sensible.

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