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    When we leave an employer, why must we leave our pension plans too? It can be deeply frustrating to know you have tied up savings that neither you, your previous employer nor your current employer can contribute to. Sat in a vault, these frozen funds could be used for a deposit on a new house, a holiday, start-up costs for a new business – the possibilities are almost endless.

    Why not seize their potential? If you feel comfortable with the fact that your new pension scheme will support you in later years, take control of your savings and invest the money from your frozen pension into something more worthwhile.

    What is a Frozen Pension?

    Whilst ‘frozen pension’ is a well-known term, it is actually used to describe a deferred or paid-up pension. It refers to when you once had a pension scheme, but you left your job before the official retirement age.

    Usually you will not have access to these before the retirement age and you’re not likely to think about them before you are sent a statement, but these dormant funds could be put to better use as you save for upcoming life events.

    Is this process safe?

    Our pension experts offer no obligation, free advice and are on hand to talk you through the process. We’ll make sure you get the most out of your investment and make the right decision based on your own personal circumstances.

    We offer a discreet service and keep your information completely confidential, so you can expect excellent customer service from our dedicated team.

    However, we must stress that this is your decision and ultimately the choice is yours and you must think carefully about your choice to access your frozen pension. Whilst we appreciate this is not the sort of decision you make off the cuff, it’s easy to overlook how we may feel later in life when our pension funds are somewhat depleted.

    Additionally, if you’re concerned about pension scammers who could take your funds, The Pensions Regulator gives you all the information you need to look out for crooks.

    About Sell Pension

    We only work with reputable pension experts and we’ve helped hundreds of people unlock frozen pension funds to realise the potential of their savings. We work hard to provide free, no obligation advice on which processes would work best for you, how withdrawing funds could impact you and how you can make the most of your investments.

    Contact us today to start the journey to releasing funds from a frozen pension.

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