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    Welcome to the SellPension.co.uk blog. The aim of our blog is to share the latest news, information and opinion from the world of personal finance and pensions. Don't worry though, it's not all shop-talk; we also like to take a lighter look at issues surrounding money and savings, and share information that we think you'll enjoy.

    Our writers are here to help you, so if there any subjects you'd like to see covered please don't hesitate to get in touch. Alternatively, please drop a comment on one of our posts to keep the discussion going!

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    Basics Of UK Pension Auto Enrolment

    Pensioners are 13% Richer Today

    Current Generation of Pensioners Could be the Wealthiest Ever The incomes of retired households have risen by a remarkable £2,500 over the past nine years, while those of working households has fallen by £300. Today’s pensioners could be the luckiest … Continue reading

    cash in pension

    Can I Cash In My Pension Before 55?

    YES! We can help you to cash in your pension early. Contact us today to find out more! Have you ever asked yourself; “Can I sell my pension for cash or cash in your pension early or can you cash … Continue reading

    pension release

    How To Cash In A UK Pension Early?

    How To Cash In A UK Pension Early? How to cash a pension is something that requires the right type of UK pension. Many years ago, about 15 years ago there was no route for you to cash in your … Continue reading

    unlocked padlock

    10 Reasons To Unlock Your Pension Cash Early

    UK Pension Crisis Means Now Is The Time For Early Release Of Pension Funds With markets struggling and the pound in crisis, take advantage of exit options and cash in your pension to make your money work harder for tomorrow. … Continue reading

    Pension crisis edging closer

    Is There A New Company Pension Crisis?

    Poorly Performing Markets And A Weak Pound Spell Trouble For Pension Funds Deficits in the Royal Mail and Post Office pension funds could be the tip of the iceberg as final salary pension funds everywhere feel the post-Brexit pinch. The … Continue reading

    Brexit UK EU parting signs

    Unlock Your Pension Cash To Avoid The Brexit Crash

    Unlock Your Pension Cash To Avoid The Brexit Crash As markets tumble post-Brexit, taking personal control of your pension fund could help you avert financial catastrophe Some people might have seen it coming, and others might have been surprised, but … Continue reading