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    Welcome to the SellPension.co.uk blog. The aim of our blog is to share the latest news, information and opinion from the world of personal finance and pensions. Don't worry though, it's not all shop-talk; we also like to take a lighter look at issues surrounding money and savings, and share information that we think you'll enjoy.

    Our writers are here to help you, so if there any subjects you'd like to see covered please don't hesitate to get in touch. Alternatively, please drop a comment on one of our posts to keep the discussion going!

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    workplace pension

    What Are Your Responsibilities When It Comes To Workplace Pensions?

    If you have employees and you are thinking of setting up a work place pension for your employees then you should think carefully and fully research your options That are out there in the UK market at the moment. Workplace … Continue reading

    pension drawdown

    What Is Pension Drawdown When You Are 55 Years Of Age

    Pension drawdown allows you to cash in 25% of your pension tax free. You have worked hard all your life so you are entitled to take your tax free cash from your pension once you hit the age of least … Continue reading

    early pension release over 55

    How Do I Release My Pension At 55?

    Early Pension Release Over 55 Do you have a pension in the UK? Are you thinking of releasing the tax free cash from your pension now or sometime soon? More and more UK people who have a UK pension are … Continue reading

    Is Your Pension Fund Growing To Meet Your Needs?

    Review Your Pension Now to Avoid Surprises Later Most of us spend years ploughing money into our pension funds without really knowing what is waiting at the end of the tunnel. Now is the time to find out. Tax, national … Continue reading

    unlocked padlock

    10 Reasons To Unlock Your Pension Cash Early

    UK Pension Crisis Means Now Is The Time For Early Release Of Pension Funds With markets struggling and the pound in crisis, take advantage of exit options and cash in your pension to make your money work harder for tomorrow. … Continue reading

    How to Start a Business in Retirement

    In 1955, an army veteran found himself bankrupt when a new interstate highway took traffic away from his roadside restaurant. He’d been through a series of eclectically connected job roles, including a fireman, a ferryboat entrepreneur, a motel operator and, … Continue reading

    Cash For Pensions

    What Is Cash For Pensions? Cash for pensions or cash in pension is referred to when you want to get or unlock cash from your pension. Whenever you hear the term; ‘Cash For Pensions‘ it can often be the wrong … Continue reading

    Basics Of UK Pension Auto Enrolment

    Basics Of UK Pension Auto Enrolment

    Basics Of UK Pension Auto Enrolment Pension automatic enrolment is a rule that was officially launched in October 2012 in the UK. Under the auto enrolment law it is compulsory for every employer of labour, to offer a workplace pension … Continue reading

    my pension

    My Pension

    My Pension Things I Need To Know About My Pension In The UK My pension and what pensions are just about as important to every individual, as salaries are. This is because your pension or my pension ( if it … Continue reading