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    5 Ways to Make Money Without Spending Money

    Did you know the concept of money and currency has been around for over 2500 years?

    They say it makes the world go round and to an extent that is true. We need it for day-to-day living – food, water, shelter, and most importantly, to pay for internet connection.

    But what if you haven’t got a lot of money, or any at all? How can you get that shiny, cashy payday without blowing what you’ve already got? Here are 5 ways:

    1. Online Marketplace

    The beauty of the internet is that it puts you within reach of people who are willing to buy anything. Selling online very easy and is a great way to make some money without actually spending anything. Ebay does free listing weekends, allowing you to place items on sale without paying to do so. If you have a large collection of stuff, then eBay or Gumtree might be the way forward in making a little money relatively quickly.

    2. Test Subject

    If you have that rare combination of guts, determination and an indifference to things being injected into your body, then medical trials are a good way to earn money without really doing or spending anything. Sites like this will put you in touch with clinical trials that pay for volunteers to test out new medicines.

    3. Renting

    See that spare room with all the junk collecting in it? Well, if you’ve followed point #1 and sold it online, then you’ve got a potential money bank just sitting there waiting. Renting the room out to a lodger is a good way to make money just by having a little extra space. The perks are you get some company and extra cash thrown in.

    4. Freelance Writing

    If you’ve got imagination and some spare time, then freelance writing might be up your street. Websites such as Elance or Copify are willing to pay for written pieces of work for websites. As long as you are willing to put in the time to research everything from dog walking to travel guides, then this will not involve spending a penny.

    5. Filling out

    No, not putting on weight. Filling out questionnaires and surveys online can provide some much needed income. A solid day of form filling can provide an income you might actually find useful. Just have a look around the internet and you’ll certainly find someone willing to pay to hear your opinion.

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